Best Four Foods For Your Skin

By: Meesinthak Anusar
If you are looking for some foods to make your skin healthy, so you have the answer in this article, so take a moment to read the article below:

1. Guavas

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Guava is a good source of vitamin-C. You can either grow this tree at your home or buy it, which is sold in shops or on the streets during the winter. You should eat as much as possible to improve the health of your skin, but you should avoid eating hard-fruited fruit because the hardened seeds of the fruit you eat can cause your stomach upset.

2. Fish

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This is not the first thing people think about skin health. Certain types of fish, such as mackerel, salmon, anchovies, trout, are essentially omega-3 fatty acids that are considered good cholesterol in the body.

The special benefits of these fatty acids can help:
• Helps protect against sun damage.
• Reduces the risk of skin cancer.
• Relieves smooth fluid in the cells.
• Helps strengthen the skin cell membranes and reduce inflammation of the skin cells. And adding some fish to your diet is one way to make sure the health of your skin is better.

3. Olive Oil

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The properties of antioxidants found in olive oil give special benefits to your skin, both inside and outside, such as:
• Helps prevent serious damage inside.
• Reduces inflammation on the skin.
• Reduce wrinkles and help keep your skin glow while you apply on your skin.

4. Papaya

Image Source|C.E.I.P. Sambori
Another good source of vitamin-C is Papaya. Vitamin-C contains in Papaya can help to protect the skin from UV rays caused by the sun and help repair damaged skin. And excessive exposure to the sun can damage skin cells. sunlight can kill them and destroy their DNA, which can cause cancer cells.

Good thing! Protection is better than cure. So you should make sure you include papaya or other foods are riches in
vitamin-C supplement in your daily diet.

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