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From the Quagga horse variety to Irish largest dear are listed here in an excellent way. Became an extinct over sixty 5 million years ago, the Tyrannosaurus rex among the biggest land carnivorous ever seen has actually been given in this list after the fossils of this giant animal have been unearthed in Northern America. It is interesting to see the half zebra, half horse through Quagga. Being a belonging to Australia, the Thiamine comes from the tiger family was the largest known meat-eating marsupial of modern-day times. The sea cow range Steller’s Sea Cow with defenseless monster also included in this fantastic list. So look out for a list of cool animals you may need. If you’re trying to check for pre historic animals list, you have actually landed on the amazing landing page.Via|oddee
1. Tyrannosaurus Rex (extinct 65 million years ago)

2. Quagga: half zebra, half horse (extinct since 1883)

3. Thylacine: the Tasmanian Tiger (extinct since 1936)

4. Steller’s Sea Cow: the defenseless beast (extinct since 1768)

5. Irish Deer: the largest deer that ever lived (extinct about 7,700 years ago)|The Field Museum, CK1T]

6. Caspian Tiger: the third largest (extinct since 1970)

7. Aurochs: a very large type of cattle (extinct since 1627)

8. Great Auk: largest of all auks (extinct since 1844)

9. Cave Lion: one of the largest lions ever (extinct 2,000 years ago)

10. Dodo: the archetype of extinct species (extinct since late 17th century)

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