Amazing Cool White Squirrel UK

For wildlife digital photographers, learning uncommon and rare animals and photographing them for the world to see is the best contentment. In the web link provided above are pictures by Andrew Fulton, who took the same challenge. He checked out the Marbury Park at Cheshire, trying to find something uncommon to click, and also found white squirrels, which is an extremely unusual variety. They have a genetic anomaly known as leucism, which occurs naturally and also leads to partial coloring loss in the fur, and makes the squirrels white in color. Throughout the UK, the squirrel population is 5 million, amongst which there are only 4 white squirrels. So start looking for white squirrel UK you may need. If you’re exploring for white squirrel, you have actually landed on the best post page.Via|mymodernmet

Photo: Andrew Fulton: Website|Facebook
via (Lost at E Minor)
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