Amazing Distinct Stanislav Odyagailo

Most modern artists planning to draw motivation from the world around us. They have the disposition to base their works on the surrealism as well as physical incongruity of Nature and also human existence. The pictures in this web link are digital paints by a Ukrainian digital artist named Stanislav Odyagailo, which are distinct in their portrayal of a defamiliarizing sight of life. The digital portraits and also landscape paints in addition to the study in still life and also human actions represented in them have a totally unusual and also obviously confusing view concerning life and its ramifications. They mostly demonstrate how fact is entirely an issue of perspective. So look out for the surreal life right now. If you’re looking for the surreal life, you have landed on the cool page.Via|mymodernmet

Photos|Stanislav Odyagailo deviantART portfolio
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